My wife Toni and I, both with decades of riding experience, would like for you and yours to ride along on our adventures with us through the backroads of the USA! We are a small family-operated company that intends to gradually build up our inventory of tours, We are United Kingdom transplants that have lived in the USA for almost two decades now.

In our first year, we will have three fully-researched tours available with each tour ridden personally by us. We hope to strike a fine balance between offering fantastic riding and tourism opportunities, so the memories that you take home will be a mix of the thrills and spectacle of where you have been and what you have seen. We will have already worked-out the fuel stops, meal breaks, places of interest and all major tidbits for each ride so you don’t have to. Our aim is to cover between 150 and 250 miles (240 to 400 kilometers) on each riding day. Please note the final day to the rental center may be shorter as we understand your trip back to the United Kingdom needs breathing room for time for proper departure from the United States.

We are looking to take manageable groups on each tour with a maximum of 10 riders except for our Sturgis Experience, which will allow for a maximum of 15 riders. Tours will be accompanied by 2 escorts, usually my wife Toni and myself along with a support vehicle driver. We will all be in radio contact so we will be able to respond appropriately to any incident, mechanical or otherwise, that may occur.

...we are Shaun & Toni Drakeford and are avid riders, tour guides and ready to take you on an adventure!