#1 Research…

tours for dates.

#2 Agree…

safety, includes, agreement.

#3 Payments…

…securely pay online.

  • Your motorcycle rental will include a half shell helmet, but we would recommend that you bring your own if you feel more comfortable with it
  • Rain gear is not provided, it is available for purchase at the rental location, but again if you have your own you might want to bring it
  • Find a credit card that will not charge you a foreign currency transaction fee on top of the exchange rate, over the period of your vacation all the 3-5% charges add up on your purchases, this will also be a considerable saving if you get one of these before making your tour booking, as our charges are in US Dollars.
  • The temperatures that you experience while riding will in all probability be warmer than you may be used to, but while we cannot make you wear full riding gear we do recommend that for your own protection you wear suitable clothing, sunscreen is also a good idea, at least SPF30.

...Backroads Adventures USA takes your safety seriously!