Shaun’s Biker Adventures,formerly known as Back Roads Adventures USA,  offers you the opportunity to visit amazing places, attend iconic events, and experience the wonderful variety of the landscape that is The USA, all from the saddle of a motorcycle, with all the hassle of making the arrangements removed. Our tours will handle everything from getting you here, to renting your bike, to booking your accommodation, all while taking you by the most interesting roads from place to place. We have tailored all aspects of our tours in such a way that we hope to give British and European riders everything they could wish for from a trip across the Atlantic, after all, my wife and I were each one of you before moving here, and remain one of you at heart, even after all these years. We still support the rights and freedoms of British bikers as corporate members of MAG (the Motorcycle Action Group). All the services we provide for you have been sourced from the very best available. Our bikes are rented from a worldwide provider. The hotels we use are among the best available, based on their location, the rating and, most importantly, biker friendliness. The only thing we can’t offer any guarantee with is the weather. As with motorcycling everywhere, there is always the possibility you might get wet. Tours are scheduled at times when average records show the weather at our destinations should be great. However in the rare case of extreme weather we do reserve the right to alter the itinerary for everyone’s safety. We want your experience with us to be the most enjoyable and memorable that you could imagine, so what are you waiting for…….LET’S RIDE!!!!